About us


Bishh Beauty is a homemade cosmetics brand based in London, United Kingdom. Although it may seem so; we are not a lip gloss company (it was just our starting point). We plan to sell a range of cosmetics such as eyeshadow, highlighters, loose glitter and eventually hair care products but for now, we're just here to supply every bishh with some  POPPIN' glosses and LASHES


All of our glosses are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly so every  bishh to be able to enjoy our products!

We also ship internationally!




How we became Bishh Beauty

I (CEO) am a full-time student and part-time forensic psychology student and part time teaching assistant which is rewarding but also extremely tiring; no matter where I was I was always conforming to rules and regulations. Being a teenager all I really wanted was to seize the moment and experience a multitude of things before I had to buckle down and do some seriously hard work but it was difficult being away from all my loved ones and having to learn how to motivate myself to find new hobbies and etc.  

Fast forward a month or so and I started to get into makeup so I opened up an Instagram account and just started posting whenever and wherever I was. This makeup page ( @bubblegum_bishh/ now= @simplynasxo ) was the first step I took into the business industry and it felt great because of all the positivity and recognition I was getting... even though I only had about 1000 followers. I knew that I wanted to help and inspire people but didn't know how to start the process or what that process was until I stopped doing makeup  and here's why;


Every other day I was doing my makeup for Instagram so of course, I was also trying to follow trends and be liked by the community but in actuality, I was blinding myself to what makeup really is; creative. I began to form my own idea of makeup, what it is, what it can be and where I could fit into it but I slowly realised that we are all our own definition of beauty, we create our own styles and let our personalities shine through it.

I already had all the keys to unlocking Bishh Beauty but I couldn't find the keyhole; I wanted people to see what I loved about makeup but didn't know how. 


I'm sure every makeup artist, enthusiast and/or lover can agree that there are always those products that you dream of but can't find or a look that you want to achieve but there isn't a product that suits your needs, I decided that what I could find; id make.

there are so many US-based homemade cosmetic brands but there are next to none (that I could find anyway)  in the UK; this fact alone was what told me ..... if you can't find it ... make it.


Present-day and I'm here working my a$$ off to make my dream into a reality and I hope that you'll come along for the journey 

I promise you won't be disappointed!